Community Based on Sharing

Wish A Ride started as five friends sharing rides between their home and office. Our goal is to turn 80% of ‘cars with free seats’ to the largest regional transportation network in the India. Thus WAR offers new friends, perks and saves fuel for a Green India.

Trusted Services

Wish A Ride - Goals:

  • To organise rides
  • To build trust
  • To be economical
  • Save fuel; Go Green

WAR offers personal profile and reviews system for every rider to make the account more secure and robust.

A real-time chat messenger will connect the rider and co-rider to interact anytime.

An ALERT mode to request HELP in any emergency situations.

A strong market-based payment system to secure all transactions.

24/7 Customer Support

WAR support is available 24/7. Just email us at

How to Ride?

Offer a Ride

Plan your rides well in advance to make use of the entire system. Offer rides at least 2 hour ahead of time to give co-riders time to see and respond. You will also get more responses if you have a completed profile with vehicle details and reviews.

Respond to & Confirm Requests

Reach out for the requests made by co-riders and respond to them quickly. Try using our mobile apps to respond on the go. When a request is made by a co-rider, you have option to confirm it till the end of travel.

Drive Safe

Make sure to keep your car well maintained, clean and fuelled in advance. Remember to be a safe rider: Avoid text/call while driving. This helps you earn more rating for your profile as a SAFE RIDER.

How to Wish A Ride?

Find Wish A Ride Or Post Request

Use Wish A Ride website or Mobile apps to search and request an existing ride offered. If you don't see a match, create a Wish A Ride request alert.

Book Your Wish A Ride

Saw a rider at your preference? Reach out to them with questions through the private chat or request a ride right away. Rider has the sole rights to accept or deny the request till the end of their trip. You will not be charged until the rider accepts your request and you initiate the start trip option.

Travel Safe

Wish A Ride is always concerned about the safety of its users. An ALERT button is available our mobile apps to request HELP in any emergency situations. Once a request is send, WAR alerts the SAFETY NUMBERS (Needs to be updated by user) about the details of vehicle, travel and location via SMS and email.

Remember to be a safe co-rider. Help navigate, respect personal space, be conscientious of your and the rider's conversation level. This helps you earn you more rating for your profile as SAFE CO-RIDER.

How to be a WAR Pro?

Pickup Points

Set a crystal clear check point. An exact address with description and landmark is best.

Where to Sit

If the all seat are available, the rider may offer any of the seats to the co-rider. If co-rider has his/her prefer, feel free to inform!


Be conscientious of your dressing that will be both comfortable and presentable.


Avoid delays to reach check points. Communicate delays quickly, and don't be offended if a rider or co-rider needs to cancel the requests.


Start with intros if required. Be conscientious of your conversation level. Always be careful when discussing political and religious stuffs.


Everyone likes to travel in a tidy, clean and odourless car with sweet-smelling passengers.

Phone Calls

Keep phone calls short and avoid discussing personal or private topics over phone.


Be conscientious of riders and co-riders preference on taking breaks. And be sure to go before the trip starts!


It is up to riders/co-riders choice. Bring enough to share would build rapport.

Sharing Driving

If the driver and passenger are both licensed and comfortable, trade off driving.