WAR - Wish A Ride

Wish A Ride is a new mode of transportation that lifts car pooling to a different level. A fun filled ride that earns you friends and perks. The goal is to turn 80% of ‘cars with free seats’ to the largest regional transportation network in the India. Together we save fuel while earning new friends and perks. Join WAR – Go Green!

Wish A Ride is a platform developed for people to share their rides anywhere in the world in a fun, easy, conscientious and safe way, helping people travel more while spending less.

A new Mode of Transportation - Economical

Sharing rides by taking or offering rides is the cheapest mode of travel than any other medium of transportation.

Wish A Ride helps users to share their costs for each trip they ride. The rides you take with Wish A Ride are way more fun than any other means of transportation. Besides, the use of our service is completely FREE!

Join Us – Go Green!!!

By joining Wish A Ride, you becomes a part of the Green movement. The lesser the vehicle, lower the pollution. Thus you go more eco-friendly saving time and money.

Car Pooling

Wish A Ride is based on the principle of Ride Sharing or Sharing Economy. We make it easy for our members to share rides, so everyone wins – rider, co-rider, environment and our society in general.

By offering a ride as a Rider, you could put your vehicle to the best of its use, saving both fuel and money. When taking a ride as a Co-Rider, you save your time as well as money.

Using the Wish A Ride platform, you are not only reducing the carbon emissions and the traffic on the roads but you are also connecting with new people and friends!

Safe Ride

More than just a website, Wish A Ride is a reliable, secured and friendly platform with the objective of offering a sustainable transportation alternative, accessible to all passengers throughout the world.

The most exiting security feature of Wish A Ride is the ALERT Mode. In case of any emergency or danger; the ALERT Mode will send an SMS to the immediate contact with the vehicle no., location, Rider’s or Co-Riders Name and phone number.

Yet another approach to make our Users feel more secure is the Rider and Co-Rider rating framework. After you impart a ride to another User, you can rate him/her with a 5-star scale, so different Users know how you felt about the individuals you've gone with!


Wish A Ride uses a two way safety measure to build a profile and manage account. Not only the member identifies are verified, but the network of people they get involved also moderates their profile. Hence, we have also included Facebook connect to link your profile with your social network.

Real name, photos and contact details such as phone numbers and emails are verified to make the member accounts more authentic.


Wish A Ride requires your contact number to verify your identity and to send you intimations when you use our platform. This doesn't mean anybody will be calling you often. Whether you like to get notified or simply don't need to accept calls, enabling the Hide My Number Option will resist your number to other members on your network. Furthermore, our internal chat facility helps you communicate with your connections without sharing your contact number or email.

Ladies Only

Apart from every safety measures Wish A Ride have taken to strengthen security, we have also included a Ladies Only option. Thus lady riders and co-riders will feel more comfortable, trust and safety during their travel.

In case you're a lady Rider and prefer only lady Co-Riders, you can opt for "Ladies Only" option, while offering a ride. When this filter is set, only lady Co-Riders can get you in their search list.

If you’re a lady Co-Rider and prefer to travel only with a lady Rider, you can opt for "Ladies Only" option. When this filter is set, Wish A Ride will only suggest lady Riders for your travel.

It's a safe & great way to make new friends

As Wish A Ride uses a two way security medium to build profiles and manage accounts, connecting with new people is way safe and easy. The advance security feature helps you get in touch with your immediate contact to get rid of any emergency situation in no time which makes you more secure.

The moderation system help you rate your new friends with a 5-star scale, so that, different Users know how you feel about the new friends that you are get connected to.